The Newsroom is a digital experience delivery platform

The Newsroom is a personalization platform that puts users in control of the content and advertising they're exposed to. We're supporting the entire customer journey with a unified approach - rather than a siloed base of data, content and ad-tech platforms that never fully integrate.

Understand what your
users expect

Deliver a new, personalized
content experience

Monetize, Measure
Improve, Repeat

The Programmable Content

The Newsroom empowers users to speak up. With a “one-click” social login, they can program their personal journeys with you, effectively creating millions of unique experiences that surface more content than ever before.

Data: The New Paywall Currency

While the ad industry is getting better at tracking, it is doing an unusually poor job at asking legitimate questions. The Newsroom is making data a real currency that consumers too can trade, by selecting the brands or industries they wish to follow while enjoying their free content experience.

Why people use AdBlockers : The Guardian, 10 March 2016

Why we use Ad Blockers: 'We need to have more control over what we're exposed to'

A brand new content experience

The Newsroom replaces today's static, undifferentiated web sessions with a new, dynamic news feed that actively learns, grows and improves with every user interaction. The platform advocates full liquidity for every impression, allowing any number of stories, contributors or advertisers to buy their way into the headline or content recommendations, over the RTB protocol.

An accelerated mobile Journey (AMP)

The Newsroom automatically transforms all stories into lightning fast, accelerated experiences, powered the AMP open-source technology. Our partners see up to 400% improvement in page views and an accelerated growth of the direct, returning and SEO traffic.

The evolution of Native

The Newsroom allows marketers to design their campaigns for an identifiable set of consumer that are more empowered, engaged and responsive than ever before. Target users by present location, device, age and gender - and even dynamically call them by their first name - while serving the content they specifically opt-in for.

Auto-Play Video

Enable consumers to absorb content on the go, just like they do on their social media platforms. Invite brands to join the conversation, with auto-play content that’s seamlessly integrated with the news feed.

Ad Delivery Wrapper

Serve direct or RTB campaigns via platform's display wrapper while keeping a consolidated view on performance and user experience. Manage delivery, targeting and reporting under one single dashboard.

The Flying Carpet

The "Flying Carpet" format blends in perfectly with the newsfeed or stories while delivering outstanding CTR and user engagement across all mobile devices.

Bottom of the page content recommendations

Create additional touch points via the content recommendations widgets and extend brand story telling to this explorable real estate.

Audience Extension

Enable your first party data and extend your reach into billions of RTB traded ad impressions via the built-in DSP and RTB infrastructure. Sell campaigns across sites like the New York Times, Huffington Post, AOL or the Yahoo network - while targeting your audience the same way you would do on your properties.

About The Newsroom

We're a global technology company on a mission to make the web better for publishers, advertisers and consumers alike. We work with top publishers and advertisers from around the world, exploring new ways of surfacing the right content, for the right users, at the right time.

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