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Your Mobile Experience Design Studio

The Newsroom allows publishers to re-design their mobile experiences via intelligent, data-responsive widgets that execute site-wide, or via section-specific delivery algorithms. Drive users deeper into your newsfeed and further on to your beautiful, lightning-fast Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Understand the impact of your design decisions

Building and optimizing new layouts has never been easier. The Newsroom brings unprecedented clarity to the performance and content ran by each section of your site. Experiment and deploy new layouts in minutes, making the most out of every tap, swipe or scroll of your users.

Trade content with like-minded publishers

With an increasing demand for more diverse and complex content - covering hundreds of topics at a time can render business models useless, to the point that they have to be completely overhauled and reinvented. The Newsroom allows newsrooms to source the best possible content on topics the consciously decided not to cover - creating long-term synergies with like-minded publishers.

Visualize the success of your team

See which editors are doing the best work on site, or have the highest impact on social media. Extend or restrict permissions to run across your widgets and benchmark their work against similar stories you ran in the past.

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