A game-changing mobile CMS
engineered for the visual web

The Newsroom Studio advances your best journalism with a tappable, mobile first storytelling
platform designed for the modern user.

“By far, the three fastest-growing areas of online communication are private messaging, groups and Stories. In 2019, we expect the amount of Stories that are shared to outnumber the amount of Feed posts that are shared.”
Mark Zuckerberg - April 30, 2019

A new age for mobile

The Studio redefines your narrative capabilities with a sequential storytelling format created specifically for the mobile web.

AMP Stories are here

Create tappable content in the AMP Story format without coding, development or infrastructure investments required.

Ready for camera

Create unique camera experiences the same way you do on social platforms.

Unlimited content
with Getty Images

We put forward an unprecedented licensing agreement with Getty Images that makes over 300 million images and videos available with one single click.

Uncover a new world of possibility

Bring your ideas to life into a vibrant visual format that consumers naturally gravitate towards.

See the stories in action:

A new age for control

Create outstanding visual content in just minutes and track metrics such as depth, time on
story and swipe-up rate.

Build interactive
elements such as
Quizzes of Polls

Create interactive elements such as quizzes or polls that encourage audiences to react, respond or appreciate specific topics.

Up next: recommend
further reading

Recommend further reading, contextualised with different stages of your storytelling.

Embed social content

Embed rich graphics or content from 3rd party platforms such as Twitter, Youtube or Instagram.

A new way of exploring
your content

Delight your audience with a highly visual, birds-eye view of all your scenes, available one tap away.

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